22 дня 2:34
Tear Rolls Down Chris Watts’ Cheek as He’s Sentenced for Killing Wife, Kids
Chris Watts was given five life sentences with no possibility of parole for the murders of his pregnant wife and their two daughters. 19 ноября 2018, 22:29
417 538
14 дней 1:02
Florida Porch Pirate Steals Package Full of Worms
A suspected porch pirate who was caught in the act by a surveillance camera will probably regret her decision to take the package once she sees what's inside. 28 ноября 2018, 14:43
415 340
18 дней 1:16
Bodycam Captures Rooftop Shooting of Man by Milwaukee Officers (WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT)
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** The newly-released body camera video obtained by the legal team representing a man who was shot by | 24 ноября 2018, 1:29
408 690
5 дней 2:07
Dad Makes Daughter Walk 5 Miles to School After She’s Accused of Bullying
An Ohio father has gone viral for the interesting way he punished his daughter. 6 декабря 2018, 22:23
404 246
28 дней 1:19
Man Criticized for Sharing Footage of Bodies Charred by Wildfires
As cadaver dogs search for the bodies of up to 200 people missing in the worst fire in California history, disturbing video of the dead is causing uproar. 13 ноября 2018, 22:32
403 639
8 дней 15:56
Michael Cohen Says He Kept 'Client 1' Apprised Of Kremlin Contacts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rachel Maddow reports on the revelations contained in the latest court filings from Michael Cohen, and gives viewers a heads up about what expected next from Robert Mueller. 4 декабря 2018, 6:31
402 516
14 дней 13:27
Apparent Robert Mueller Documents Connect Dots From Trump Camp To Wikileaks | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rachel Maddow reports on apparent drafts of legal documents for a plea agreement for Jerome Corsi with Robert Mueller that describe Corsi's middle-man role between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks. 28 ноября 2018, 6:48
401 395
25 дней 9:13
World Leaders Are Sick of Trump and It's Embarrassing
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2 дня 9:13
What we get wrong about affirmative action
The latest allegation that Harvard discriminates against Asians could kill affirmative action altogether. Subscribe to our channel! 10 декабря 2018, 13:00
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10 дней 6:04
YES!!! The Illegal Caravan Just SURRENDERED On MSNBC!!!
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398 837
22 дня 50:14
Chris Watts sentenced to life for killing his pregnant wife and two daughters | Full sentence
A Colorado man was sentenced to life without parole Monday after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters and dumping their bodies on an oil work site. 19 ноября 2018, 18:07
396 746
21 день 5:13
Top News Anchor Turns To Camera LIVE and EXPOSES The Media’s SICK Role in the Whole RUSSIAN HOAX
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393 584
11 дней 10:00
Donald Trump Vs. The World: The President Finds Himself Isolated At G20 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
After a week of bad headlines on Mueller's Russia investigation, Trump finds himself increasingly isolated among world leaders at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. 1 декабря 2018, 7:08
392 320
13 дней 6:26
BREAKING: TREASON Charges! Trump Calls For Hillary And Obama To Face Trial - DEEP State Mortified
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24 дня 13:14
Trump on fake news, freedom of the press
Part 2 of Chris Wallace's exclusive 'Fox News Sunday' interview with President Trump. 18 ноября 2018, 14:47
390 266
14 дней 13:08
What Paul Manafort Revelations Mean For Robert Mueller Probe | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Federal prosecutors asked a judge on Monday to sentence former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, saying he broke his plea agreement by lying to the FBI and investigators for special counsel | 27 ноября 2018, 16:05
390 109
11 дней 2:24
‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Under Fire for ‘Bullying Message’
Many grew up loving “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” but now the holiday classic is at the center of a political correctness battle. 1 декабря 2018, 13:43
390 092
14 дней 2:46
Woman Faces Student Who Killed Husband and Unborn Baby: ‘You’re a Monster’
The woman who survived a 2016 car crash that killed her husband and unborn child is recounting the day that changed her life. 27 ноября 2018, 22:49
389 070
11 дней 2:57
Alaska Under Tsunami Watch After 7.0 Earthquake Hits Near Anchorage | NBC News
Coastal areas of Alaska are under a tsunami warning after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit eight miles outside of Anchorage. 30 ноября 2018, 19:31
388 638
11 дней 9:38
Republicans Face Reckoning Over Mueller Probe | The Last Word | MSNBC
New developments in the Russia investigation have some prominent conservatives reconsidering their skepticism about what Mueller’s probe might find. Ari Melber discusses with Ruth Marcus and E.J. 1 декабря 2018, 5:17
388 279
22 дня 7:59
General Barry McCaffrey Calls Trump ‘8th Grader’ In Response To McRaven Attacks | Hardball | MSNBC
In his interview with Fox News, Trump attacked a respected retired Admiral - William McRaven - the man who oversaw the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. 20 ноября 2018, 1:40
386 268
20 дней 29:18
[D]ec 5, It All Begins, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming - Episode 1722b
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7 дней 2:28
Body of American Killed by Tribe Should Be Left on Island, Advocates Say
Weeks after American John Chau was believed to have been killed by a tribe on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, his body remains there. 4 декабря 2018, 17:55
382 812
26 дней 1:55
Traffic Stop Turns Into Wild Shootout With Cops in Arkansas
Dashcam video captured the moment a man opened fire on Arkansas officers during a traffic stop. Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, was pulled over in Tontitown by Cpl. 15 ноября 2018, 22:30
375 471
11 дней 2:15
Bodycam Captures Fleeing Robbery Suspect Crashing Into Deputy's Vehicle
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Pasco Sheriff's Office News Release: "Yesterday, an individual committed a robbery by sudden | 30 ноября 2018, 16:57
375 164
7 дней 52:01
Robert Mueller Memo On Flynn Shows Cooperation On Three Investigations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rachel Maddow takes viewers page-by-page through Robert Mueller's freshly published and heavily redacted memorandum on the sentencing of disgraced former Donald Trump national security adviser | 5 декабря 2018, 6:54
374 158
13 дней 2:09
Here’s What to Do If You’re Ever Groped By a Stranger
Disturbing surveillance video captured the moment a Playboy model was groped while doing her laundry at a California hotel. 28 ноября 2018, 22:27
372 427
22 дня 13:15
Ivanka Trump Busted For Extensive Use Of Personal Email | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Ivanka Trump, has been busted for using a personal email account to send hundreds of emails about Government business, according to a new Washington Post report. 20 ноября 2018, 1:27
368 555
10 дней 6:48
Revealed: House Democrats Plan To Take Trump To Court In 2019 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Democrats have committed to investigating the Trump administration when they take control of the House in 2019. 1 декабря 2018, 19:25
367 481
12 дней 1:24
This Enormous 'Giant Cow' in Australia Is Too Big for a Slaughterhouse
An enormous steer named Knickers is said to be the tallest bovine in all of Australia. 29 ноября 2018, 16:49
363 976
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