19 часов 2:22
Cruz seeks Trump's help in tightening Texas Senate race
Beto O'Rourke gains momentum on Senator Cruz; Casey Stegall shares an update on the race. 15 августа 2018, 23:53
21 668
4 часа 4:35
Remembering Aretha Franklin | NYT News
In a musical career that spanned more than five decades, Aretha Franklin had over 100 singles on the Billboard charts. 16 августа 2018, 14:30
21 180
19 часов 5:31
How lawyers summed up the Paul Manafort trial in closing arguments
The trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was filled with detailed accounting records and a star witness whose credibility is in question. 15 августа 2018, 23:35
21 169
4 часа 6:10
'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin Passes Away At Age 76 | NBC News
A publicist for Aretha Franklin confirms to the Associated Press that the iconic performer died Thursday at her home in Detroit. NBC News takes a look back at her life and legacy. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews. 16 августа 2018, 14:40
20 887
18 часов 17:16
Former Neo-Nazi: Peterson, Harris & Molyneux Are Part of the Problem
The conclusion to our interview with Christian Piccioloni, Founder of the Free Radicals Project, host of Breaking Hate on MSNBC, author of White American Youth, and former white supremacist -Become a Member: 16 августа 2018, 1:00
20 435
23 часа 5:45
Trump revokes ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance
Jed Babbin, former deputy undersecretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush, discusses how President Trump revoked ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. 15 августа 2018, 20:06
20 106
5 часов 6:12
Mimi Rocah: Giuliani Comments On Robert Mueller Are 'Borderline Obstruction' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani dials up the rhetoric against Robert Mueller and seems ready to push their legal battle to the Supreme Court. Robert Costa & Mimi Rocah react. 16 августа 2018, 13:36
19 917
19 часов 6:17
BREAKING: Trump CELEBRATES as Blue Wave Becomes Liberal Tears After Another EPIC Election Night
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19 часов 5:21
They SURRENDERED! Trump-Hating Media Accepts The Path President Trump has Laid for the Supreme Court
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5 часов 1:59
Tricks to Save Money When Grocery Store Shopping
Ever wonder why your trip to the grocery store ends up costing way more than it should? Shopping expert Andrea Woroch reveals grocery store secrets to help you save money. 16 августа 2018, 13:45
18 455
6 часов 7:15
Democrats Handed More BAD NEWS After New Report Tells Them the TRUTH About the “Blue Wave”
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18 часов 6:31
National Security Experts Slam Trump For Targeting John Brennan | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
The White House announces Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, one of Trump’s harshest public critics. 16 августа 2018, 0:24
16 857
22 часа 2:53
Senate Democrat blasts Trump over Brennan clearance
Senator Mark Warner speaks out after the White House revokes security clearance for John Brennan. 15 августа 2018, 20:44
16 475
19 часов 5:38
BOOM! Roseanne Causes Frenzy At L.A. Airport With BOLD MESSAGE To Trump On Her Hat
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18 часов 3:36
Andrew Cuomo’s comment was despicable: Judge Jeanine Pirro
Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro on how former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised an 11-year-old girl for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comment that America 16 августа 2018, 1:07
16 232
5 часов 2:00
Aretha Franklin dead at 76, remembering the 'Queen of Soul'
'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin has died at the age of 76. Here is a look back at her iconic life and career. 16 августа 2018, 14:12
16 167
19 часов 4:55
Trump Might Ignore Russia Sanctions He Just Signed Into Law
It appears that Donald Trump might ignore the Russia sanctions that he just signed into law, immediately releasing a statement critical of the law after signing it 15 августа 2018, 23:30
14 827
5 часов 6:47
President Donald Trump Revokes John Brennan’s Security Clearance | Morning Joe | MSNBC
With Paul Manafort and Omarosa making headlines, the President puts the focus on the C.I.A’s former director, accusing John Brennan of “increasingly frenzied commentary.” The Morning Joe panel breaks it down. 16 августа 2018, 14:12
14 411
17 часов 6:56
‘Bill From Hell’: Russia Sanctions Text Released by Congress
Congress has released the text of what its authors are calling the Russia sanctions bill from hell and although relations with Russia are already considered to be near an all-time low. 16 августа 2018, 1:25
14 369
23 часа 3:47
Trump Blames New York’s High Taxes On A Lack Of Fracking
During a recent stump speech in New York, Donald Trump told a crowd that the reason taxes are so high in New York is because the state no longer allows fracking. 15 августа 2018, 20:00
14 337
20 часов 7:24
Turkey raises tariffs on US as court rejects pastor’s appeal for release
Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith and Investmark Advisory Group principal Mike Lee on how Turkey raised tariffs on U.S. imports and how a Turkish court rejected American pastor Andrew Brunson’s appeal for release. 15 августа 2018, 23:07
14 262
19 часов 7:46
BREAKING: DNC Breaks Silence on Accused Woman Abuser Keith Ellison after Nomination Victory
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2 часа 5:24
HOLY CRAP! State Assembly Just Impeached Their Entire Supreme Court – They’ve Had It!
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13 425
18 часов 4:08
Exclusive: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Addresses Alex Jones ‘Timeout’ Decision | NBC Nightly News
In an exclusive interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Dorsey addresses the company’s decision to give Alex Jones, the controversial conspiracy theorist and radio host, a “timeout,” removing his ability to tweet for 16 августа 2018, 0:24
13 345
1 час 15:58
Full Interview: Omarosa Releases Tape Of Lara Trump Offering Campaign Job | Craig Melvin | MSNBC
Former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, discusses a new secret recording of her interaction with Lara Trump who offered her a campaign job after leaving the White House. 16 августа 2018, 18:11
13 208
4 часа 2:32
Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Dies at 76
Aretha Franklin has died at the age of 76. The legendary performer is perhaps most famous for her hit song "Respect," which she released in 1967. 16 августа 2018, 14:34
13 155
17 часов 5:43
Eric Swalwell: Revoking Security Clearances 'Makes Us Less Safe' | All In | MSNBC
Donald Trump’s threat to revoke security clearances as a means of retaliation against his political opponents is the sort of move we associate with authoritarians and despots. 16 августа 2018, 1:36
12 830
19 часов 56:54
PBS NewsHour full episode - Aug. 15, 2018
Find more from PBS NewsHour at pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: pbs.org/newshour Twitter: twitter.com/newshour 15 августа 2018, 23:33
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15 часов 4:39
Jeff Johnson on winning GOP primary for Minnesota governor
Jeff Johnson upset former governor Tim Pawlenty to become the Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota; Johnson discusses his goals on 'Fox News @ Night. 16 августа 2018, 3:29
12 246
19 часов 8:53
Former J.C. Penney CEO on Elizabeth Warren’s new bill
Allen Questrom, former J.C. Penney CEO, discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) new bill, which she says will make companies accountable to employees and local communities, not just shareholders. 16 августа 2018, 0:07
12 206
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