1 час 2:35
Maryland Authorities Name The School Shooter | NBC News
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Governor Larry Hogan give an update on the school shooting. Governor Hogan outlines his plan to make schools safer and stop school shootings. 20 марта 2018, 20:15
10 134
21 час 8:45
Deep State FAMILY Forced To Reveal Itself As Silent Coup Begins To Fail
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3 часа 17:03
Trump Announces Plan To Meet With Putin, Congratulates Him For Winning Election
Alex Jones breaks the news that President Trump has just announced his plan to meet with Putin to discuss the arms race, and he congratulates him on his recent re-election victory. 20 марта 2018, 17:43
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8 часов 0:49
Explosion At Texas FedEx Plant Is The Fifth Attack Linked To Austin Serial Bomber, FBI Says | TIME
A package that exploded just after midnight on Tuesday at a FedEx distribution center in Schertz, Texas, is likely connected to the four recent package bombs in Austin, federal agents say. Subscribe to TIME ►► po. 20 марта 2018, 13:32
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23 часа 2:48
Special Counsel Robert Mueller obtains McCabe memos
A source close to the fired FBI deputy director confirms Andrew McCabe documented his conversations with President Trump; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington. 19 марта 2018, 22:37
9 256
23 часа 7:04
Sheryl Sandberg Should Run Facebook, Zuckerberg Has Done A Horrible Job: Jason Calacanis | CNBC
Jason Calacanis, Inside.com, and Mark Grossman, Boldstreak, discuss the increasing scrutiny on Facebook following its latest data mining scandal. 19 марта 2018, 21:43
9 032
23 часа 14:41
We’ve Been In A Trade War For 50 Years, Trump’s Just Fighting Back
David Knight joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down President Trump's plan with revamping America's trade deals by implementing tariffs previously used against the United States. 19 марта 2018, 22:05
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23 часа 2:56
BREAKING: Trump Threatens Dirty Cop Mueller - This Could END it ALL!
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21 час 3:28
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1 час 5:38
Parkland Student Calls Politicians 'Bitches' Of The NRA
Thousands of people are expected to rally in Washington, DC, this weekend for a March for Our Lives protest to advocate for gun control. 20 марта 2018, 20:00
8 403
17 часов 3:49
'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams on understanding Trump tweets
Cartoonist Scott Adams, author of the new book 'Win Bigly,' on understanding the president's Twitter tirades. 20 марта 2018, 4:36
7 855
22 часа 11:28
How a Community Was Sacrificed to Save Houston | Times Documentaries
Cinco Ranch was designed to be flooded. So after Hurricane Harvey hit, the Texas suburb was sacrificed to save the city of Houston. 19 марта 2018, 23:00
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21 час 7:47
Market turns red over political drama
RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, The Bahnsen Group founder David Bahnsen, Belpointe Asset Management’s David Nelson and former Ohio state Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro discuss how President Trump’s comments on 20 марта 2018, 0:07
7 271
7 часов 0:45
Severe weather hits Alabama, Mississippi
A thunderstorm brought hail to Harvest, Ala., and Ripley, Miss., on March 19. Read more: wapo.st/2FXgNO6. 20 марта 2018, 13:49
7 193
18 часов 3:47
The truth behind the 'student-led' March for our Lives
Planned Parenthood, Move On and the Women's March all playing a role in the March for our Lives; Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski examines who's really behind the gun control push. 20 марта 2018, 3:37
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2 часа 9:42
Trump May Have A Republican Primary Challenge In 2020
Read More At: projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/jeff-flake Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 20 марта 2018, 19:00
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19 часов 2:45
Austin bomber "taunting" law enforcement, police chief says
Investigators are trying to figure out who is behind four bombings in Austin. The latest exploded after two men on bicycles hit a trip wire. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca reports. 20 марта 2018, 1:55
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20 часов 6:26
Are women's rights in Saudi Arabia progressing?
In an interview Sunday with "60 Minutes," Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said women are "absolutely" equal to men. He even went so far as to say women can choose how to dress themselves. 20 марта 2018, 1:01
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13 часов 0:39
Angry parents blast Lacey school board
Frank Horvath was among 200 parents and gun rights advocates who were angered over the disciplining of two boys from Lacey Township High School after one posted a photo of them with guns at a local shooting range. 20 марта 2018, 7:51
6 710
5 часов 4:13
Spineless Republicans Refuse To Stop Trump From Firing Mueller
Republicans in both the House and Senate claim that if Trump fires Mueller it would create massive political problems for their party. 20 марта 2018, 16:00
6 657
19 часов 2:52
Gorka and Malkin on fallout from McCabe's dismissal
Comey deputy McCabe fired for lacking candor; Michelle Malkin, host of 'Michelle Malkin Investigates,' and Sebastian Gorka, Fox News national security strategist and former deputy assistant to the president, react on 20 марта 2018, 2:37
6 286
20 часов 5:28
Andrew McCabe was leaking information: Rep. Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) discusses why FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe deserved to be fired and the necessity for a second special counsel. 20 марта 2018, 1:06
6 266
17 часов 4:35
'Deep state' debate: New poll says Americans think it exists
Rep. Mark Walker reacts to new Monmouth Poll results stating that many Americans believe that a Deep State 'probably or definitely exists'. 20 марта 2018, 4:35
6 195
3 часа 9:59
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19 часов 7:01
Fallout over Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of data from 50M Facebook users
A consulting firm that once worked for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump secretly collected the personal data for millions of Facebook users with the intent of using that information to influence 20 марта 2018, 2:35
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3 часа 6:46
Trump Team Begs Senate To Keep Backing Saudí Wár Crímes
Defense Secretary James Mattis is pressing lawmakers to reject a Senate proposal that looks to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen, The Wall Street Journal reported. 20 марта 2018, 18:00
5 823
23 часа 2:10
How will Saudi Arabia's crown prince change the Middle East?
Saudi Arabia's 32-year-old crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, spoke with "60 Minutes" about the push to modernize the ultraconservative kingdom, in addition to its conflicts with Yemen and Iran. 19 марта 2018, 21:45
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6 часов 4:56
Al Gore's Global Warming Warnings Get Even Wackier
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23 часа 3:33
Are Trump's attacks on the special counsel warranted?
Senior political analyst Brit Hume offers insight. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. 19 марта 2018, 22:38
5 483
18 часов 5:52
Trump rips Mueller probe after firing of former FBI deputy
Some lawmakers are responding to the possibility that President Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller. The president sent a series of tweets this weekend attacking the Russia investigation. 20 марта 2018, 3:38
5 441
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