22 часа 7:50
'Special Report' All-Stars on politics of McCabe's dismissal
Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the former FBI deputy director hours before his retirement. 19 марта 2018, 23:37
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23 часа 8:19
The Reason Leftists Dont Care About Rights
Jake Lloyd takes an interesting position on the reason that far left ideologues have a severe misunderstanding of what "rights" actually are. 19 марта 2018, 22:03
5 309
19 часов 4:35
How Big Government is trying to smoke out the cigar industry
Before the Obama Administration left office, it dropped over 30 pages of new regulations on the cigar industry through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 20 марта 2018, 2:37
5 271
5 часов 5:45
WATCH: Officials provide updates on shooting at Maryland high school
Officials provide updates on shooting at Maryland high school 20 марта 2018, 15:54
5 195
18 часов 5:30
Trump attacks special counsel Robert Mueller by name
In a series of tweets over the weekend, President Trump addressed special counsel Robert Mueller by name and attacked his investigation's credibility. Monday, Mr. 20 марта 2018, 3:27
5 151
22 часа 42:15
WATCH: President Trump Speech in Manchester, New Hampshire - March 19, 2018
President Donald Trump Speech in Manchester, NH 3/19/2018 SUBSCRIBE...! Click here to follow us in Twitter: ➤ goo.gl/vLGfR8 Click here to follow us in Facebook: ➤ goo.gl/wRDYSZ 19 марта 2018, 22:43
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1 час 5:14
Alabama Sheriff Kept $750k Meant To Feed Inmates
An Alabama sheriff has been keeping excess government funding meant to feed inmates at his county jail for his own personal use, AL.com reported. 20 марта 2018, 20:00
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2 часа 10:31
5th Bomb Destined For Austin, Texas Explodes At FedEx North Of San Antonio
Alex Jones breaks down the emerging details surrounding the 5th bombing in the Central Texas area this month after a package exploded at a FedEx in Schertz, north of San Antonio. 20 марта 2018, 19:14
5 055
23 часа 3:26
Police make appeal to Austin bomber after fourth explosion in a month
Austin, Texas, is on edge after the fourth bombing there this month wounded two men late Sunday night. The latest bombing, triggered by a tripwire, differs from the previous three, which were package bombs. 19 марта 2018, 22:36
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7 часов 0:55
Tornadoes Damage Homes And Caused Power Outages Across The U.S. Southeast | TIME
Severe storms that spawned tornadoes damaged homes and downed trees as they moved across the Southeast on Monday night. 20 марта 2018, 14:31
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20 часов 4:38
Inside the hunt for a possible serial bomber in Texas
What investigators are looking for in series of explosive attacks around the Austin area. 20 марта 2018, 1:37
4 933
21 час 4:52
Gov. Greg Abbott: 'We are going to find this bomber soon'
Austin residents are on edge after four bombings in 17 days. Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins Martha on 'The Story' with exclusive details and the latest developments on the serial package explosions. 20 марта 2018, 0:36
4 882
20 часов 5:14
Carter Page on possible release of secret surveillance order
Justice Department considers releasing of part of the secret order that led to the surveillance of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page. 20 марта 2018, 1:36
4 856
3 часа 1:06:20
White House daily press briefing
Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds the daily White House briefing. 20 марта 2018, 18:22
4 680
19 часов 5:19
Peter Schweizer on exposing Obama-era corruption in new book
Best-selling author's new book 'Secret Empires' details how politicians under the Obama Administration used their power to enrich their family and friends. 20 марта 2018, 2:38
4 466
1 час 3:02:31
FNN: Fifth explosion rocks Texas, President Trump welcomes Saudi Crown Prince
Brought to you by Desert Diamond: ddcaz.com Sharing a mix of breaking news, Arizona stories, engaging discussions, and popular culture. 20 марта 2018, 19:41
4 461
22 часа 3:22
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower on Facebook data scandal
Facebook says it's investigating after revelations the social media site may have mishandled data from more than 50 million users. 19 марта 2018, 22:59
4 445
22 часа 4:24
Los Alamitos fights back against California sanctuary law
Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar on why his town is fighting back against the California Values Act, which limits cooperation between immigration authorities and law enforcement. 19 марта 2018, 23:06
4 430
3 часа 18:03
SHOCKING: Obama's Former Campaign Director Says Facebook Was On Our Side
Alex Jones exposes how Obama's Former Campaign Director for social media says Facebook was working with them and had sided with the democrats in preparation for the coming election. 20 марта 2018, 18:37
4 362
4 часа 4:42
Bernie Sanders Says Stormy Daniels And Russia Are Distractions From Real Issues
Senator Bernie Sanders hit back against some of his colleagues and the media recently by saying that their nonstop conversations about Stormy Daniels and Russian collusion were distractions from issues that actually 20 марта 2018, 17:00
4 337
19 часов 3:59
Trump proposes death penalty for drug dealers
Reason.com Managing Editor Peter Suderman discusses President Trump’s speech on the opioid epidemic. 20 марта 2018, 2:06
4 286
4 часа 5:39
Gingrich: Trump's attacks on Mueller is a 'bad strategy'
President Trump steps up attacks on the special counsel. Fox News contributor sounds off. 20 марта 2018, 16:44
4 269
22 часа 4:05
How will Andrew McCabe’s firing affect the Mueller probe?
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday, two days before he was set to retire; Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he was dismissed on the recommendation of FBI disciplinary officials. 19 марта 2018, 23:12
4 219
20 часов 5:20
Amid Cambridge Analytica revelations, Facebook needs 'rules of the road,' says Sen. Klobuchar
Facebook is at the center of a new firestorm, sparked by media reports that political data firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump campaign, harvested private information from more than 50 million Facebook 20 марта 2018, 0:45
4 214
7 часов 1:07
The world’s last male white rhino, has died
Sudan, 45, died in Kenya surrounded by conservationists that love him. He is survived by his daughter and granddaughter, the last to white rhinos on Earth. Be Smarter. Faster. 20 марта 2018, 13:49
4 174
23 часа 3:48
Trump takes aim at Robert Mueller, lashing out at Russia probe
President Trump made new accusations on social media Monday that the probe into ties between his campaign and Russia is a "witch hunt," directly criticizing the special counsel. 19 марта 2018, 22:35
4 167
2 часа 1:33
Demi Lovato's Advice to Fans After Revealing She Considered Suicide at 7
Pop singer Demi Lovato has spoken candidly about her history with addiction, an eating disorder and self-harm during an interview with TV's Dr. Phil McGraw. 20 марта 2018, 19:39
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1 час 3:10
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19 часов 4:46
Liz Wheeler's message to the "March for our Lives"
twitter.com/liz_wheeler facebook.com/officiallizwheeler 20 марта 2018, 2:00
3 968
10 часов 3:46
Should Hillary apologize for her criticism of female voters?
Hillary Clinton clarifies criticism of female voters. Jessica Tarlov and Kayleigh McEnany debate the Trump voter comments. 20 марта 2018, 11:36
3 897
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