22 часа 5:08
SEC ramps up investigation into Tesla, issues subpoena: Charlie Gasparino
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino discusses how the Securities and Exchange Commission served Tesla a subpoena over CEO Elon Musk’s tweet. 15 августа 2018, 21:07
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21 час 5:45
Alexis Ohanian On Alex Jones' Twitter Suspension | CNBC
Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, discusses how Reddit would deal with the rhetoric of someone like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. 15 августа 2018, 21:39
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19 часов 2:10
Rescue Teams Search For Survivors After Italy Bridge Collapse | NBC Nightly News
At least 39 people were killed after a bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy, falling 15 stories to a mostly dry riverbed below. 16 августа 2018, 0:18
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21 час 4:17
Turkeys strikes back with tariffs on US goods
Turkey has announced a reciprocal action against the US administration, raising tariffs on a wide range of US goods: more than tripling the levies on automobiles, nuts and spirits, and more than doubling them on rice, 15 августа 2018, 22:07
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17 часов 7:12
Rudy Giuliani urges Mueller to end his investigation by September
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s tweet that special counsel Robert Mueller should end his Russia investigation before the midterm elections. 16 августа 2018, 2:06
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23 часа 2:20
Bernie on Colbert: Our 'Radical' Ideas Are Now Mainstream
The good news is, the ideas that we have been talking about—Medicare for all, making public colleges and universities tuition free, leaving a healthy planet for our kids and grandkids—are now mainstream ideas supported 15 августа 2018, 19:58
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23 часа 18:11
WATCH LIVE: Sarah Sanders holds White House briefing
Find more from PBS NewsHour at pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: pbs.org/newshour Twitter: twitter.com/newshour 15 августа 2018, 19:27
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2 часа 4:46
Jim Jordan on deposing George Toscas in FISA abuse probe
Republican member of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees Jim Jordan on closed-door deposition of Department of Justice attorney George Toscas. 16 августа 2018, 16:59
5 293
22 часа 2:12
President Donald Trump Revokes Former CIA Director Brennan's Security Clearance | NBC News
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance is being revoked as other officials the president has criticized are considered for that as well. 15 августа 2018, 20:39
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7 часов 7:52
US, Mexican officials poised to strike deal on NAFTA
National Taxpayers Union Senior Fellow Mattie Duppler on President Trump's tariffs and the administration's efforts to renegotiate U.S. trade deals. 16 августа 2018, 12:08
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3 часа 4:17
Workers’ Wages Are Falling Fast, But Republican Talking Points Say We’re Doing Great
Republicans have been telling us that American workers are doing great thanks to their policies and tax cuts, but the truth is that workers are getting screwed big time. 16 августа 2018, 16:00
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3 часа 4:13
RNC: Trend of 'anti-American rhetoric' in Democratic Party
Spokesperson for the RNC Kayleigh McEnany sounds off after New York Gov. 16 августа 2018, 15:30
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8 часов 1:05
Husband arrested in missing family case in Colorado
Authorities say the husband of a missing family in Colorado has been arrested in connection with the case. Police said Chris Watts was taken into custody. 16 августа 2018, 10:58
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22 часа 2:53
5 times Sanders deflected on Trump revoking security clearances
President Trump revoking former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance sparked questions for White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Aug. 15. 15 августа 2018, 21:04
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21 час 1:47
Fox News’ latest fringe theory: Robert Mueller is more dangerous than Vladimir Putin
Some Fox News pundits now say an ex-Marine Corps officer is more dangerous than an ex-KGB officer. 15 августа 2018, 22:08
4 713
17 часов 4:23
Manafort jury slated to deliberate day after closing arguments
The legal fate of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is now in the hands of the jury. After a full day of closing arguments, deliberations are slated to begin Thursday morning. 16 августа 2018, 1:41
4 641
18 часов 5:22
Trump administration to review security clearances for former US officials
Marc Lotter, former press secretary to Vice President Pence, discusses President Trump’s decision to revoke former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance and how the Trump administration is reviewing security 16 августа 2018, 1:06
4 588
4 часа 1:40
Husband confesses to killing pregnant wife, kids: reports
Chris Watts in custody after reportedly admitting to police that he killed his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and their two young daughters; Jonathan Hunt reports on the chilling case in Colorado. 16 августа 2018, 14:29
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23 часа 48:34
WATCH NOW: U.S. DEA officials announce new plans to combat Mexican drug cartels
Find more from PBS NewsHour at pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: pbs.org/newshour Twitter: twitter.com/newshour 15 августа 2018, 20:09
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4 часа 4:56
President Donald Trump Vs. The Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC
In coordinated editorials, hundreds of newspapers denounce President Trump’s attack on the media. Boston Globe managing director Linda Henry joins us to discuss the response to the President’s assault on the free press. 16 августа 2018, 15:13
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19 часов 1:39
Pregnant Colorado Mother And Two Daughters Reported Missing | NBC Nightly News
34-year-old Shanann Watts and her two young daughters have been missing since Monday. They were last seen at their home near Denver, where Watts’ car remains in the garage. 15 августа 2018, 23:47
4 460
15 часов 47:47
RSBN's Alyssa Ashe gives you live updates as the power is currently out at the Ronald Reagan National Airport. She shares tweets and videos from those trapped in the airport. 16 августа 2018, 3:51
4 423
17 часов 2:19
Turkey should release American pastor Andrew Brunson: Kennedy
FBN’s Kennedy on how a Turkish court rejected pastor Andrew Brunson’s appeal for release. 16 августа 2018, 2:06
4 400
4 часа 2:13
Aretha Franklin, 'The Queen Of Soul', Dies At Age 76: In Memoriam | TIME
Aretha Franklin died on Thursday at the age of 76. 16 августа 2018, 14:28
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18 часов 9:02
'The Problem with Apu' and the American immigrant stories that aren't being told
Hari Kondabolu has been thinking about how he fits into America for some time. 16 августа 2018, 0:34
4 304
22 часа 11:07
Major wins for women and minorities in primary races
History could be made after primaries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Connecticut and Vermont. It was a big night for women and minorities. 15 августа 2018, 21:09
4 224
5 часов 7:43
Karl Rove: There will not be a red wave
Fox News contributor Karl Rove on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's comments about America and the midterm elections. 16 августа 2018, 14:07
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20 часов 28:18
Asbestos Making Comeback & Bail Shouldn't Be Used To Punish Poor People
Mike Papantonio discusses a new rule from EPA that will allow Asbestos to make a comeback in the U.S. Then the latest from a judge in New Orleans has been ordered to stop putting people in jail for being poor. 15 августа 2018, 23:11
4 130
2 часа 1:03
Kittens Rescued From California Wildfires Compete in Annual Kitten Bowl
Kittens are in training for the cutest game of the year! Hallmark's annual Kitten Bowl will air on Super Bowl Sunday to encourage shelter animal adoption. 16 августа 2018, 16:29
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23 часа 7:19
Tom Perez Reverses DNC’s Ban on Fossil Fuel Industry Contributions
Tell Tom Perez to Resign, Sign the Petition: change.org/p/dnc-rules-bylaws-committee-dnc-chairman-tom-perez-must-resign-now Read More Here: 15 августа 2018, 20:00
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