1 day 5:12
Blackburn: Dems are worried about what Barr might find
Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn says Democrats are getting antsy about what the IG report might find. 16 Jun 2019, 17:10
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3 days 7:53
Martin Short: Timeless | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: itsh.bo/10r5A1B Comedian and actor Martin Short joins Bill for a hilarious conversation about aging, touring, and politics. 15 Jun 2019, 4:48
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4 days 30:31
Durham’s Secret Weapon, [DS] Setup, Panic, Server Brings Down The House - Episode 1892b
Purchase The Best Flashlight On The Market! Click Here! 14 Jun 2019, 0:25
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2 days 13:11
Gutfeld: Can Joe Biden go the distance?
Joe Biden is the frontrunner in a crowded Democratic field, but does he really have what it takes to win a head-to-head matchup with President Trump? 16 Jun 2019, 13:39
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4 days 13:56
NEWS: WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Leave At End Of Month | Deadline | MSNBC
Former Congressman David Jolly, former senior FBI officials Chuck Rosenberg and Frank Figliuzzi, and former DOJ spokesperson Matt Miller on the president announcing that his press secretary is | 13 Jun 2019, 23:43
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4 days 10:02
Why isn't the oil market reacting to the oil tanker attacks?
Wall Street Journal Global Economics Editor Jon Hilsenrath on the fallout from the attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, U.S. 14 Jun 2019, 14:37
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6 days 3:02
Why This Man Says He Taunts Police Officers
Being a police officer is a very stressful job, but it's being made worse for cops by some people who claim they’re filming police to hold them accountable. Critics say they’re taunting officers to | 11 Jun 2019, 22:21
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5 days 20:16
Trump Nightmare? Dem Chair: Mueller Testifying By 'End Of Summer' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler joins The Beat for his first interview since his John Dean obstruction hearing. 12 Jun 2019, 17:52
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22 hours 28:35
All of the Mueller report’s major findings in less than 30 minutes
When special counsel Robert Mueller broke his silence in May, his main point was that his long-awaited report spoke for itself. But the report is 448 pages long. 17 Jun 2019, 18:16
266 118
1 day 1:19
15-Year-Old Survives After Knife Gets Lodged in His Brain
A teen survives after he was accidentally impaled through the face by a 10-inch knife. 17 Jun 2019, 15:22
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1 day 4:38
Reporters ripping Sarah Sanders as she leaves White House
Spokeswoman quitting after many clashes with press. 16 Jun 2019, 18:32
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1 day 8:48
Leak Embarrasses Trump Admin
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4 days 1:48
Woman Pleads for Cops to Put Down Guns During Arrest
It's a tense police confrontation caught on camera. The video shows several cops holding an unarmed man on his knees at gunpoint. 13 Jun 2019, 21:35
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2 days 37:01
Boom, Did You Catch What Happened, There Are No Coincidences - Episode 1893b
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4 days 8:32
BOOM! Trump Lays HISTORIC Trap for RABID Leftist Media and They Walk RIGHT INTO His Woodchipper!
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5 days 14:36
Ingraham: Premature poll positioning
Media get excited over too-early-to-tell presidential polls. 13 Jun 2019, 3:09
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4 days 2:01
Nicolle Wallace On Sarah Sanders’ Exit: I ‘Will Not Miss Her’ | Deadline | MSNBC
President Trump announced on Twitter that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will leave her position. 13 Jun 2019, 21:11
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3 days 4:33
Huckabee fires back at CNN analyst calling Sarah Sanders a liar
Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee weighs in on the U.S. 15 Jun 2019, 1:00
257 918
5 days 8:39
Why McDonald's Doesn't Have A Vegan Meat Burger In The US
As consumer diets continue to shift toward healthier food, plant-based alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Fast-food chains like Burger King, White Castle, and Carl's Jr. 13 Jun 2019, 16:07
252 383
6 days 6:15
Gutfeld on Oberlin College losing $11 million to a bakery
When a story about racism falls apart, the activist media slinks away without addressing their own role in magnifying the lies. 11 Jun 2019, 22:43
242 632
5 days 1:42
Man Trying to Kill Wasps Accidentally Starts Massive Fire
It was the largest recorded wildfire in California history and a just-released investigation reveals it was accidentally started by a rancher trying to kill some wasps. 12 Jun 2019, 21:23
240 005
5 days 7:34
DOJ seeks to question CIA officers in Russia probe review
Reaction from House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes and House Freedom Caucus chair Rep. 13 Jun 2019, 2:10
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3 days 14:36
Donald Trump Disregard For Rule Of Law Puts Officials In Awkward Spot | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Ali Velshi reviews past instances in which government officials have had to walk back Donald Trump's encouragements of lawbreaking or unethical behavior. 15 Jun 2019, 5:15
235 114
6 days 11:44
Trumpworld Insider: Trump Puffery 'All A Lie,' 'Make Believe' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Trump backs down after threatening Mexico tariffs but touts a “secret” deal to avert a crisis. A Mexico official exposes Trump’s bluff, declaring "no secret deal" was ever made. 11 Jun 2019, 18:17
234 936
5 days 1:53
Gust of Wind Blows Kids off Trampoline
An otherwise sunny day turned dangerous when a gust of wind sent friends Gavin Reynolds and Rhode Hill flying, along with the trampoline they were jumping on. 12 Jun 2019, 23:10
234 887
6 days 19:45
Dominic Raab vs the Obnoxious Feminist Bigots
Conservative leadership candidate Dominic Raab has a long history of calling out feminist bigotry, and when challenged on it, he doubles down. 12 Jun 2019, 13:10
232 553
5 days 11:02
President Donald Trump: I Think 'I'd Take' Foreign Help For 2020 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
In a new interview, President Trump says he would take help and information on 2020 opponents from foreigners like Russia or China. 12 Jun 2019, 23:53
231 440
6 days 8:31
Watch AG Barr Defender Confronted By Mueller’s Obstruction Facts | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber moderates a fiery debate between John Malcolm, a conservative former DOJ official and witness at Chairman Nadler’s Obstruction hearing and former federal | 12 Jun 2019, 3:28
231 248
21 hour 5:37
Amazon fires back at Ocasio-Cortez's 'starvation wages' accusation
Basil Smikle, CUNY distinguished lecturer on politics, and Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) criticism of Amazon. 17 Jun 2019, 19:38
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