4 days 7:50
Sexual Assault Allegation Against President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC
A well-known writer says that 23 years ago Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room, according to her account in New York Magazine. 22 Jun 2019, 2:31
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1 day 3:08
This social media site just banned all support for Trump
Knitting community 'Ravelry' bans all Trump supporters; Melissa Francis weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network | 25 Jun 2019, 1:41
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1 day 8:21
Why Jumia Is Beating Amazon And Alibaba In Africa
Jumia has been dubbed the "Amazon of Africa." It's Africa's largest e-commerce operator, surpassing Amazon and China's Alibaba, and it's the first African tech start-up to go public on the New York | 25 Jun 2019, 16:00
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1 day 6:56
Ingraham: Nancy's magnet
Nancy Pelosi urges President Trump to delay ICE raids, uses children as political tactic. 25 Jun 2019, 3:03
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1 day 16:52
Trump Escalates Tensions With Iran As More Democrats Call For Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC
Lawrence O'Donnell talks with two Democrats who now support impeachment, House Intel member Rep. 25 Jun 2019, 6:32
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1 day 6:29
South Bend residents heckle Buttigieg at emotional town hall
Democratic presidential candidate heckled at town hall by residents who blamed him for not being present enough after the deadly shooting of a black man by a white police officer; reaction and | 25 Jun 2019, 0:56
211 311
6 days 9:04
Graham shares his advice to Trump on dealing with opposing forces
Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Lindsey Graham on the Trump administration's strategy to combat Iranbret ian aggression and maintain relations with strategic allies like Saudi Arabia. 19 Jun 2019, 23:27
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2 days 5:16
NASA rover detects high amounts of methane on Mars, which could indicate signs of life
NASA scientists say its Curiosity rover discovered high amounts of methane gas on Mars. On Earth, the gas is typically produced by living things. 23 Jun 2019, 20:12
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7 days 4:04
How Chick-fil-A Got Big by Keeping Its Menu Small | WSJ
Chick-fil-A is expanding off the strength of its simple chicken sandwich. WSJ explains how its leaner menu helps the company avoid some of the pitfalls of its competitors. 19 Jun 2019, 16:35
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16 hours 4:06
Bodycam Captures Shootout Between Cops and Armed Robbery Suspects
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** New Orleans police on Tuesday released footage from the cameras worn by officers during a shootout | 26 Jun 2019, 0:30
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4 days 2:32
Oregon governor sends police to find lawmakers who skipped climate vote
Oregon's Republican senators are in hiding over a Democrat-backed carbon cap and spend bill, hoping to run out the clock on voting on the measure; Dan Springer reports from Salem, Oregon. 21 Jun 2019, 17:45
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4 hours 17:21
How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan
The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two. This season of Borders is presented by CuriosityStream. 26 Jun 2019, 12:00
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5 days 3:17
Tucker: Washington is war-hungry
Lawmakers back military retaliation on Iran following drone attack, Trump calls drone being shot down 'a mistake.' #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business | 21 Jun 2019, 0:44
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1 day 11:25
Mika To GOP: How Are You Standing Up For President Donald Trump? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
The president denied assaulting columnist E. Jean Carroll in the dressing room of a clothing store more than 20 years ago, offering as an explanation 'she's not my type.' The panel discusses. 25 Jun 2019, 14:08
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2 days 5:44
Bat Wielding NYC Subway Rider Picks On WRONG Guy To Fight With
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1 day 25:40
Here Come The Booms, Great Awakening, Patriots Fight, Placeholders Next - Episode 1901b
Get Your Q Coin greatawakeningcoin.com Use Code X22 Report Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – youtube.com/channel/UC1rnp-CySclyhxyjA4f14WQ Join the X22 Report | 25 Jun 2019, 10:17
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5 days 4:29
18 of His Late Dad's Fellow Officers Surprise Teen at Party
Micah Schieber was just 6 years old when his dad, Chad, collapsed and died while running the Chicago Marathon in 2007. 20 Jun 2019, 21:38
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5 days 18:19
How Nike Became The Most Powerful Brand In Sports
Nike is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It continues to surpass rivals like Adidas and Under Armor, despite controversy and slowing sales growth in U.S. 20 Jun 2019, 17:21
185 516
6 days 6:37
Trump tweets Iran made 'big mistake' after shooting down US drone
New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin say the U.S. will have zero tolerance for an attack on our people or interests. 20 Jun 2019, 15:58
184 987
2 days 6:55
Trump signs executive order issuing new sanctions on Iran
President Trump imposes “hard-hitting” sanction on Iran. Order will deny Supreme Leader and others access to financial instruments. 24 Jun 2019, 16:21
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6 days 38:24
Did You Catch What Trump Did At The Rally, The People Now Know - Episode 1897b
Protect Your Personal Data Now w A VPN! Click Here! 19 Jun 2019, 22:43
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3 days 7:27
Impermanence & Malleability of Society, Culture & Morality
✅ Support BPS Directly: blackpigeonspeaks.com/#patron ✅ Support BPS via Patreon: patreon.com/blackpigeon ✅ Tip Jar: via PayPal to: navyhato@gmail.com ✅ Your SUPPORT of this | 23 Jun 2019, 14:51
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2 days 6:07
Trump promises 'strong' response to Iran
Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula says military force is one element in President Trump's national security set of alternatives to meet his long term objectives. 23 Jun 2019, 18:31
182 127
19 hours 1:56
Woman Pulled Over by Cops Says She Was on Way to Get Married
This woman is being called the "DUI Bride." Amber Young, 32, was pulled over in Tucson, Arizona, after causing a three-car crash. 25 Jun 2019, 21:37
180 644
5 days 13:00
President Donald Trump Aide Won’t Say If She Lied To Bob Mueller | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
The House Judiciary Committee releases the testimony of former Trump aide Hope Hicks, revealing she would not answer whether she told the truth to Mueller. 21 Jun 2019, 1:27
179 118
1 day 10:08
ALERT: Militias Rise! Vow To Fight Oregon Democrats ‘At Any Cost,’ Gov. Calls Police To Arms
Claim your free gold and silver investment guide. 24 Jun 2019, 23:40
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5 days 10:09
HOLY HELL! Biden Stands In Front Of Audience And Embarrasses THE HELL Out Of His “Best Friend”
Find out how to cash $1,795 checks each month! Click Here! 21 Jun 2019, 11:00
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3 days 2:54
Trump delays ICE raids for two weeks after pressure from Dems
President Trump delays the deportation raids of illegal immigrants; Christina Coleman reports. 22 Jun 2019, 21:00
178 112
5 days 1:32
Can You Grow Horns From Hunching Over Your Phone?
New research suggests that hunching over your phone could produce horn-like growths at the back of the skull, just above the neck. 21 Jun 2019, 12:31
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6 days 12:51
Ben Shapiro FLIPS Over AOC Comment
Watch this video with peace of mind. Head to NordVPN.com/TYT or use code TYT to get 75% off a 3-year plan. For a limited time, use code TYT for a free month. 20 Jun 2019, 2:30
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