Moxie: What It Is And How To Have More Of It

Published on 2 Jan 2019, 15:28
Before it was known as the quality of being courageous or daring, "Moxie" was marketed as a nerve tonic beginning in 1884. Today, Alexia Vernon has even written a book about the personality trait, called "Step Into Your Moxie." She says that while embodying moxie can be scary, it can also be cultivated. Vernon says, "If you want to consistently step into your moxie, and do it in a way that moves people to take action, you must learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable." According to Mother Nature Network, Vernon suggests role-playing what you will say and practicing it, so when you're in the situation, you'll know how it'll feel and you'll already know what you need to say. By the time you have an audience, you'll be used to feeling uncomfortable — and saying what you need to say anyway. As for a living, breathing manifestation of good old-fashioned moxie? Vernon says that would be former First Lady Michelle Obama!

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