Fracking Industry Is A Corrupt Danger To Everyone

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Опубликовано 3 января 2019, 19:00
A man who spoke out about the dangers of fracking is now being sued by the fracking industry in order to keep him quiet. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discusses this issue.

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A man who spoke out about the dangers of fracking is now being sued by the fracking industry in order to keep him quiet. They want to just shut him up. I mean, let's, let's shut this guy up. Before you get into story. I want to mention something. They have you followed this story where the NRDC, one of the biggest environmental groups in America, they do wonderful things coast to coast, not just in America, but around the globe. Okay. The NRDC is now being made to file as a foreign agent. Now hear me out. This story is really incredible. You remember what they did to RT America six months ago. You have to file as a foreign agent. You know the reason that they gave because you're reporting about fracking and the reporting that you're doing about fracking is not telling the whole story and it's hurting our American industry.

You're a foreign agent for Russia. Therefore you have to file as a foreign agent. That was actually. That was specifically listed so people understand that covering fracking was specifically listed in the government report on what RT is doing. That's right, and covering occupy Wall Street, those were the two big things they didn't like. They covered occupied Wall Street and they talked about fracking. There wasn't anything to do with with anything to do with a propaganda propaganda or Hillary or anything like that. It was, okay, so now this story NRDC is also being hit by the same people, the same people who did the RT thing. Now their going after the NRDC. You know what they're telling NRDC. You have to register as a foreign agent for communist China because something you're saying benefits communist China to the detriment of America. That's how they're using this foreign agent issue.

Go pick up with this story. I, I. This is the most incredible, so now we have them targeting individuals going into their homes, making telephone calls, emailing or writing letters, and this guy who's being sued as Ray Campbell, he was featured in Gas Land and Gas Land 2 from Dimock, Pennsylvania. One of the worst areas hit with fracking so bad that Cabot Oil and Gas, because that's the company that's been fracking over there. They ended up having a big settlement with all the residents there, and as part of that settlement, you have to sign on, you know that you're not going to sue them, and what Cabot then did was they tried to argue in court as part of their lawsuit against Kimball for speaking out in the Gas Land film. After he'd signed the settlement was that will hold up. You signed an agreement not to sue us, so that allows us to pollute you even more and you can never hold us accountable.

You, you were not supposed to talk about it. This was a silence agreement. So we're suing you, man, that we have been for years for $5,000,000 and so far this case has not been resolved at is still pending in court. Here's the good news. The good news is the guy, you know it needs to protect himself. He declared bankruptcy, but before he does it, he needs to say to them, okay, let's mix it up a little bit. Let me take depositions of your people. This gives him the opportunity to really ask the questions he needs to ask that ordinarily you wouldn't be able to ask and now you're asking questions, you're looking at their files, you're looking at their memos and their emails, and all of a sudden you're uncovering a bunch of material they don't want out there. I got to close, but I got this, this segment that I love this segment.