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Опубликовано 7 января 2019, 22:53
A Conservative MP has hit out at the Government’s plan to use a disused airfield to ease lorry congestion if there is UK border disruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Charlie Elphicke criticised the idea as nearly 100 lorries descended on Manston Airport in Kent on Monday morning to test out using the runway as an HGV holding bay to prevent traffic jams on roads to Channel ports.

The trial, called Operation Brock, has seen lorries directed along the A256 towards Dover in a 20-mile journey which should take around half-an-hour.

The MP for the town lashed out at the plan branding it "too complex" and likely to cause "enormous confusion" for drivers.

He said on Twitter: "Routing lorries via Manston is not the answer.

"Far better to extend the tried and tested traffic management system on the A20 at Dover to Kent’s motorways."

He added: "Manston should only be used as a last resort.

"Trying to explain to lorry drivers - many from overseas - to go there will be very difficult.

"The whole route plan is far too complex and will cause enormous confusion."

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