Landslide in Beijing Holds up Traffic, No Casualties Reported

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Published on 11 Aug 2018, 13:57
Traffic was stuck on the Junhong Road in Fangshan District -- a suburban area in southwestern Beijing -- due to a serious landslide there early on Saturday, with no casualties reported.

About 30,000 cubic meters of heavy boulders and soil slided onto the road in Da'anshan Town of Fangshan at around 8:30 a.m., as heavy rainfall overnight loosened soil on the mountain nearby. Vehicles on both lanes of the road were held up.

Luckily, no casualties were reported, as a result that local government petrol men observed some fallen stones on the road, and had the road closed immediately and evacuated a nearby household. Just 10 minutes following the closure, the serious landslide happened.

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