Serbia: Putin, Vucic witness mosaic completion ceremony in Church of St. Sava

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Published on 17 Jan 2019, 23:59
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Alexander Vucic took part in the completion ceremony of the mosaic image in Serbian Orthodox temple of St. Sava in Belgrade on Thursday.

The presidents inserted the missing mosaic elements into the icon of Jesus Christ.

The heads of the two countries added small pieces of the mosaic into the tricolour nimbus, symbolizing the commonwealth of Russia and Serbia.

The man behind the restoration project, an artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Mukhin jokingly invited Putin to become a member of the mosaic brigade. In response, the president asked when the next salary was going to be, but, laughing, stressed that such things would always be done disinterestedly.

The artists of the project asked the presidents to leave autographs on the sketch of the image of the Saviour.

Arriving at the temple, Putin and Vucic also set candles to one of the icons, and then went to inspect its decoration.

Upon leaving the Orthodox temple, the President of Russia took a microphone and said to thousands of people standing in the square near the temple - "Thank you for your friendship."

The Church of Saint Sava is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world. At the moment, it creates a mosaic that will become the largest in the world by area. About 125 thousand people gathered in the square near the church.

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