[The INNERview 2019] Ep.28 - Bringing Korean Cuisine to the World – Chef LEE Wonil _ Full Episode

Published on 18 Jan 2019, 1:27
Bringing Korean Cuisine to the World – Chef LEE Wonil 세계에 한식을 알리는 이원일 셰프

Recent years have seen the rocket rise of food and cooking-related content in popularity. Leading the trend are a new breed of celebrity chefs who are winning fans through TV broadcast as well as SNS. One of the best-known of them all is LEE Wonil. LEE came to cooking relatively late in his life; while taking time out of his interior design studies on a backpacking trip to the Philippines, he found his true calling – in cooking. After winning over his initially sceptically parents, he went out to study Hotel, Restaurant & Institution Management at the University of the Philippines. Returning to Korea, he worked through a series of top-notch eateries around the country to build his broad repertoire – from Korean royal cuisine and Buddhist cuisine to traditional brewery, western cuisine and even baking. He is now the owner chef of a successful Korean restaurant and a bakery. With commitments to both his establishments and regular appearances on TV, LEE’s days are filled his passion for food and cooking. This year, he has set himself yet another challenge – to bring Korean cuisine to the world. THE INNERVIEW meets the star chef LEE Wonil to follow his culinary journey.

최근 수년간 요리, 음식 콘텐츠의 인기가 고공행진하고 있다. 방송, SNS 등을 통해 유명해진 셰프들은 그야말로 ’스타‘급의 인기를 얻으면서 셰프의 전성시대가 열렸다. 그 중 한 명인 이원일셰프는 인테리어를 전공하다 필리핀 배낭 여행에서 자신의 길을 찾은 케이스다. 그에게 요리는 운명에 가까웠고, 결국 부모님의 반대를 무릅쓰고 요리사의 길을 걷게 된다. 필리핀대학교에서 호텔외식경영학을 공부한 뒤, 한국에서 유명 식당들을 거치면서 궁중음식, 사찰음식, 전통주, 양식, 베이커리 등을 공부했고 현재는 오너셰프로 한식당과 베이커리를 운영하고 있다.

식당 운영과 동시에 고정적으로 요리 방송 출연까지하며 하루를 바삐보내고 있는 이원일셰프. 특히 그의 올해 목표는 세계에 한식 알리기라는데... 스타 셰프이원일이 털어놓는 맛있는 한식 이야기를 들어본다.

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