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Published on 19 Jan 2019, 0:00
Federal employees aren't the only ones affected by the gov't shutdown — here's how it's hurting small business owners.
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The government shutdown is affecting small business owners, too.

William Drumeller: 'You know you wouldn’t think the government shutdown would get a redneck like me you know but here we are. And so yeah you know there's a bunch of us just regular you know. Construction type guys who were just you know, can’t go to work. '

William Drumeller is the president of Responsible House, a small family-owned construction business in Virginia Drumeller was recently hired by the Department of Agriculture to build a facility on a Virginia state camping ground

Drumeller: 'It’s a job for the Department of Agriculture to build a shower bathroom facility and a group camping area as Sherando Lake in Virginia. We were supposed to be done by the end of June by the end of March with this thing but I just don't know that that's exactly what's going to happen now.'

Drumeller had already paid subcontractors when he was notified to stop the project mid-way on Dec 21 due to the government shutdown

Drumeller: 'It's pretty depressing really is that. It just looks like somebody just walked away from this thing. It just looks like nobody cares which is the exact opposite of what we are. You know we are we really care and we want to get back out there and finish this.'

Because the project is under a federal contract, Drumeller says he hasn’t been reimbursed for the thousands of dollars he has already put into construction. Since the partial government shutdown began, approx 800,000 federal workers and nearly 4 million contractors have been affected.

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