Lebanon: Demo against inequality hits Beirut as Arab Economic Summit kicks off

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Published on 20 Jan 2019, 15:20
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Thousands took to the streets of Beirut on Sunday to protest against economic inequality and the current political climate as the Arab Summit of Economic and Social Development kicked off in the Lebanese capital.

The Lebanese Communist Party called on demonstrators to voice their disapproval over the current economic policies and living conditions in Lebanon.

For protester Mhamad Kassem, this protest took aim "at the financial tyranny and political power that serves the owners of banks and public institutions, which are subject to the International Monetary Fund."

Ali, another protester, urged his fellow citizens to "go to the streets and show our brothers that there is no heavenly religion that tells you to watch your brother die in front of you and remain silent."

The protest was organised to coincide with the beginning of the 2019 Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, in which 20 Arab countries will discuss trade and regional politics.

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