FSC eases criteria needed to become professional investor

Published on 21 Jan 2019, 11:07
개인전문투자자 진입 규제 대폭 완화

The Financial Services Commission says it will ease the criteria needed to qualify as a professional investor.
Professional investors allowed to invest in risky assets need to have a financial investment balance of more than 500 million Korean won, or 443-thousand U.S. dollars.
That will be cut to just 10 percent, meaning those with a financial investment balance of over 44 thousand dollars can qualify.
By income standards, a married couple with a total annual income of more than 133-thousand dollars can qualify, instead of one individual needing to hold 886-thousand dollars.
The FSC expects the easing of the criteria will help increase the number of professional investors from the current 22-thousand people to 490-thousand and boost investment in venture companies.

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