Hearst Execs Allegedly Killed Bryan Singer Story Before The Atlantic Published It

Опубликовано 23 января 2019, 21:35
According to a report by SFGate, two writers for Esquire say that the magazine's publisher, Hearst, killed their new report on sexual misconduct accusations against director Bryan Singer before The Atlantic published it on Wednesday. Esquire writers Alex French and Maximillian Potter said in a statement posted to The Atlantic PR twitter account that the story was ready for publication at Esquire, but that Hearst higher-ups nixed it for unclear reasons. French and Potter wrote, “We spent 12 months investigating various lawsuits and allegations against Singer. In total, we spoke with more than 50 sources. The portrait of Singer that emerges is of a troubled man who surrounded himself with vulnerable teenage boys, many of them estranged from their families.” Singer reportedly denounced the story as a “homophobic smear piece.”

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