[ISSUE TALK] Kim Jong-un expresses positive signs towards next summit with Trump

Published on 24 Jan 2019, 8:49
김정은 고위급회담 결과 만족, 협상 돌파구 찾았나 - 민정훈 교수 대담

For more we have with us Professor Min Jeong-hun from the Korea National Diplomatic Academy.
1 - We have got the first reaction from North Korea over the recent talks with the U.S. Kim Yong-chol briefed Kim Jong-un on his meetings with Pompeo and Trump, and I would say Kim's reaction was said to be very positive. If I quote directly from the North Korean media report, "He spoke highly of President Trump for expressing his unusual determination and will for the settlement of the issue with a great interest in the second North Korea-U.S. summit." Are you surprised at the extent of his satisfaction?
2 - Although we still haven't got the details of really what was discussed and what was agreed during those talks, what do you think Kim's reaction tells us?
3 - Pompeo revealed in an interview with the World Economic Forum earlier this week that the working-level talks in Sweden went well and that, "a little bit more progress" was made, but that there was still a long way to go. What do you think that tells us?
4 - Pompeo was asked about the economic potential of the private sector getting involved in North Korea, and he said that right now there is not much role for the private sector in North Korea, but he continued to express how there will be and that North Korea is aware of that potential. Why is this coming up now?
5 - This all comes on the back of the working-level talks that took place in Sweden. Do you think there are signs that we are getting close to a denuclearization agreement of some kind?
6 - One interesting factor that Pompeo revealed in his interview as well was that the U.S. nuclear envoy, Stephen Biegun, was introduced to his new North Korean counterpart. This comes as a surprise as we had thought the North Korean vice foreign minister was his counterpart, but reports are now suggesting the new counterpart is , Pyeongyang's former ambassador to Spain. What do you make of this development and how do you think it will affect future negotiations?
7 - The North Korean arts troupe is now said to be in China and making their way to Beijing. They are being accompanied by Ri Su-yong, the regime's former foreign minister and current vice chairman of the Worker's Party. It will be the first performance by a North Korean arts troupe in China in four years. What do you think this shows about the North Korea - China relationship?
8 - What do you think is the next step for negotiations between North Korea and U.S.? There is even talk of six-party talks in Sweden...

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