Tony Blair sticks his oar in to Brexit AGAIN

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Published on 25 Jan 2019, 13:09
TONY Blair was accused of undermining Theresa May’s fast-diminishing negotiating hand by telling the EU that it shouldn’t worry about Britain opting for a no deal Brexit.

The former PM told German newspaper Die Welt that Mrs May’s bid to win fresh concessions on the Irish backstop won’t save her deal and predicted she would be forced to extend Article 50.

He said the chances of a No Deal were only 10 per cent.

Mr Blair told Die Welt: “Even if the EU ignores the backstop and thereby gives up the position of the Irish government, which I do not believe will happen, even then it would not save the deal.

“I think it's important that EU governments do not focus too much on a No Deal and its risks, and I keep telling people that the No Deal will not happen...

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