France: Porsches and Ferraris vandalised, burnt out at 'Yellow Vest' demo

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Published on 9 Feb 2019, 19:27
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A sports car was set alight after being smashed and looted by protesters during a chaotic day of demonstrations which turned violent in Paris on Saturday.

The 13th consecutive weekend of ‘Yellow Vest’ demonstrations saw protesters take to smashing in a Porsche before burning it out, knocking over a recycling bin and starting fires. Police deployed tear gas and stun grenades against protesters in response to the violence.

Earlier in the day, a protester gravely injured his hand during clashes with police.

The demonstration comes just days after France’s national assembly passed an 'anti-hooligan' bill in response to rioters in the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. The bill makes it illegal for protesters to conceal their faces in a bid to make it easier to identify and prosecute rioters.

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