Many Vietnamese excited for the 2nd Kim-Trump summit amid minor preparations being made..

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Published on 18 Feb 2019, 8:05
베트남 사람들도 기대하는 2차 북미정상회담, 유력 호텔 및 회담장 준비 한창

Vietnam will be in the spotlight next week, hosting one of the world's most important summits of the year.
Preparations are already underway at the venues.
In the meantime, our Lee Ji-won is in Hanoi, where many of the locals she's meeting say they're excited about it.
"Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with a population of 7-point-7 million, has been announced as the host city of the 2nd North Korea-U.S. summit by President Donald Trump earlier this month."
The news was widely covered by Vietnamese newspapers and televisions,... and many local citizens are eagerly anticipating this historic event.
"A lot of us are thrilled and proud to be hosting this very important event. It will be a good opportunity to promote our country to the world."
"I think the summit is being held here because both countries have trust in us. Hosting the event will be great for our country's economy and I hope we can contribute to the peacemaking process of the region.
"There could be some inconveniences during the summit period, but if the U.S. and North Korea can develop their ties and make great achievements, we are more than welcome."
But there are also those who are completely unaware of the news,... because they've been too busy going about their daily lives.
"It's my first time hearing such news. I don't have much time to watch television or read news."
Meanwhile, a number of key locations that could play a role in the summit... are quietly making preparations of their own.
JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, where President Donald Trump is widely expected to stay, appears to be making itself ready for the arrival of a high profile guest.
There was a major clean up of the surrounding gardens and holes have been dug around the hotel, possibly to plant more trees.

The North Korean embassy is also undergoing minor renovations.
Even on the weekend, workers were painting the walls of the building and cleaning the fences.
The bulletin board just outside the embassy... was also updated with the latest news out of North Korea.
All of these changes may be in prepartion... for a possible visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during the summit.
The security around the premises wasn't as high as reported by other South Korean media outlets.
But with less than 2 weeks left to go and the protocol teams of North Korea and the U.S. working on the final arrangements,... more visible developments are expected to occur within the next few days.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News, Hanoi.

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