Goodness Grapes! Why Microwaving Grapes Make Sparks Fly

Published on 18 Feb 2019, 23:10
YouTubers have been having fun lately, microwaving grapes until the grapes emit sparks!
Science magazine reports kitchen scientists are cutting grapes almost in half—leaving just a strip of skin connecting the two sides.
Once the grapes are zapped, sparks ensue. Now, physicists think they know why this happens.
When two grapes are close to each other in a microwave, the waves they absorb bounce back and forth in the tiny space between them.
Creating an increasingly powerful electromagnetic field, the process continues until it supercharges nearby electrolytes.
Those electrolytes then become so powerful that they then shoot out in a brief explosion of fiery plasma!
Aside from damaging microwave ovens, scientists say the principle could be extended to use in nano-scale microscopy.

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