Business Secretary Greg Clark speech on Brexit and Honda closure (FULL)

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Опубликовано 19 февраля 2019, 12:38
Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Greg Clark takes questions on the Honda closure at the EEF national conference.

This is followed by a statement from the opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who may also answer questions on the latest MP resignations in his party.

HONDA has announced that it will close its factory in Swindon, putting 3,500 jobs at risk.

Swindon is the firm's only factory in the EU, where it produces 100,000 Civic cars, but it doesn't blame Brexit for the closure.

The manufacturer has put it down to a change of direction for the firm as it moves to focus on electric vehicles, following an industry-wide drop in diesel car sales.

The company plans to shut down the plant in 2021 but it will keep its European headquarters in Bracknell in Berkshire, as well as its Formula One racing team operations in the UK.

A spokesperson for Honda said the global car industry is facing "unprecedented changes" forcing the brand to refocus in "regions where it expects to have high production volumes..."

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Why is Honda set to shut Swindon factory and how many jobs will be affected?

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