Pakistan urges U.N. to intervene over Kashmir

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Опубликовано 19 февраля 2019, 15:00
Pakistan's foreign minister appealed to the U.N. Secretary General on Tuesday to help ease tension with India that has escalated sharply following a suicide bomb attack in the Indian part of disputed Kashmir, that India blamed on Pakistan. Michelle Hennessy reports.

Pakistan is urging the U.N. to intervene over the crisis in Kashmir, as last week's attack on an Indian paramilitary convoy has sparked fears of conflict between the nuclear armed rivals.

Pakistan-based militants claimed responsibility for the attack.

But India has been placing the blame on its government.

On Tuesday (February 19) a top military commander claimed Pakistan's spy agency was also involved in the bombing.

Pakistan calls that quote "absurd".

Its prime minister is urging talks but claims India is using hostile rhetoric for political gains.

"It is your election year, and we know that you will get a great boost in the election if you teach Pakistan a lesson. If you feel that you will carry out any type of attack on Pakistan, Pakistan will not think of retaliating, Pakistan will retaliate."

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a tough election this year and he's come under increasing pressure for retribution.

The question now is how far will he go.

Reuters Devjyot Ghoshal is following developments from New Dehli.

"Former diplomats and political analysts have told us that they expect something high visibility, something big [...] how exactly the government will react will become clearer in the next couple of weeks but I think we're sure that diplomacy is not going to be the only route that the government will take."

The ruling BJP didn't lose any time in underlining its nationalist credentials, reaffirming Modi's tough stance on Pakistan:

"It's clear that it allows the BJP to shift the focus away from issues that are creating distress in jobs and focus on national security which is something that Prime Minister Modi has sort of tried to champion in his four and a half almost five years in power."

Kashmir has been at the heart of decades of hostility between the nuclear-armed rivals.

Both India and Pakistan rule parts of the territory- while claiming it all as their own.

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