Venezuela: Maduro challenges 'clown' Guaido to elections

Published on 20 Feb 2019, 10:32
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mandatory credit: @nicolasmaduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro challenged opposition leader Juan Guaido to call for elections, speaking in Caracas on Wednesday.

"Call for elections, Mr. Self-Proclaimed, Mr. Clown. Call for elections, Mr. Clown. Let Mr. Clown call for elections. Come on," said Maduro.

The embattled leader spoke at the graduation ceremony of the students of Community Integral Medicine, a national strategy striving to provide an ever-increasing number of community doctors with the clinical skills to ensure the entire population is covered.

"It is the true humanist socialism, Donald Trump, this is the real humanitarian aid that is not humanitarian aid, it is solidarity as an expression of love of the people, Donald Trump," said Maduro.

"This is the real help for the people, to graduate doctors by their thousands and thousands and thousands, year after year after year, to bring health to the people of the world, Mr. Emperator [Emperor] Donald Trump," he added.

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