Could Shamima Begum still return to UK despite being stripped of her British citizenship? | ITV News

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Опубликовано 20 февраля 2019, 20:57
A Briton who ran away aged 15 to join the Islamic State group has said she is "shocked" to hear she is being stripped of her citizenship by the Home Office.

Shamima Begum, who is now 19, was found in a refugee camp in Syria last week, gave birth to a baby boy at the weekend, and wants to return to the UK.

International law forbids nations from making people stateless by revoking their only citizenship, but it is possible Ms Begum, who is of Bangladeshi heritage, held dual citizenship.

A 2017 government report on the issue said the Home Secretary has the power to "deprive a person of British citizenship" if it would be "conducive to the public good".

However, this only applies if the person would not be left stateless. If it is the case Ms Begum is a dual national, she could have her British citizenship stripped.

But Ms Begum does not hold a Bangladeshi passport and has never lived there.

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