[ISSUE TALK] Will Trump be able to achieve "big bites" in North Korea denuclearization next week?

Published on 22 Feb 2019, 8:06
D-5 북미정상회담 진행 상황은? - 제임스 김 박사 대담

For more we have joining us Dr. James Kim, a research fellow from the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.
1 - "Very big bites" - that's what an unnamed senior U.S. official told reporters how he thinks the North Korea denuclearization process needs to go. But at the same time he also said that the immediate priority is to freeze all of North Korea's nuclear weapons programs. Can a nuclear freeze be considered a "big bite" for now? Can we expect it to be achieved next week?
1a - The official added that the U.S. will eventually need a full inventory of North Korea's nuclear arsenal, well before full denuclearization. So he seems to have pretty much laid out the process of denuclearization - a nuclear freeze, a list of North Korea's nuclear arsenal, and then dismantlement. Does that seem like that is the order they are aiming for?
2 - North Korean and U.S. officials met in Hanoi on Thursday to continue working-level talks in preparation for the summit. They are thought to be hashing out details on the summit declaration. But there are only 5 days left now, how much do you think they can achieve in that time?
3 - It was originally announced that President Trump and Kim Jong-un would be meeting over two days, February 27 and 28. But U.S. officials have told reporters that the meeting will be "similar in format" to the Singapore summit, leading to speculation that the two leaders might only sit down for summit talks for one-day, not two, with the first day just meeting for dinner. Do you think that could happen and what would that mean for the negotiations if it only lasts one day?
4 - The first summit in Singapore had huge significance, the first ever meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. The handshake alone was a historic moment. Next week's meeting will be hard to live up to that, so would you agree that pressure is on for significant progress to be made on the contents of the agreement that the two sides reach?
5 - There have been reports over the last few days that suggest Kim could travel to Vietnam by train. That would be a two and a half day journey, but reports of a hotel in Dandong, on the North Korea-China border, that has stopped taking bookings, are fueling speculation that preparations are being made for Kim to take a train journey. Why would Kim opt to take such a long journey?
6 - It's been reported that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, will be coming to South Korea this week, ahead of the Kim-Trump summit. But his reputation as a hawk and sceptic of North Korea's intentions raises questions about why he is visiting now. Why do you think he is coming?
7 - The Washington Post reports that Bolton in fact complained directly to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, about Biegun's approach with Pyeongyang, and he reiterated his belief that negotiations with North Korea will fail. He is also said to not be the only one in the Trump administration with such views. How do you think that will affect the talks?
8 - South Korea's unification ministry has confirmed that Pyeongyang has rejected Seoul's request for North Korea to jointly take part in the March 1st Independence Movement 100-year anniversary celebrations. Do you think that signals anything towards the outcomes of the North Korea-U.S. summit or do you think that is an issue that we can leave separate and unrelated?

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