Norway: Cruise vessel arrives in port following rescue op

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Published on 24 Mar 2019, 18:51
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The Viking Sky cruise ship docked safely in Molde, Sunday, after a large-scale operation was carried out to evacuate passengers from the vessel after it suffered engine failure during a storm.

Around 500 of the roughly 1,300 people on board were reportedly airlifted by helicopter from the vessel off the western Norwegian coast on Saturday.

The ship sent a distress signal due to "engine problems in bad weather," prompting Norway's sea rescue agency to start rescue operations.

Five helicopters and a number of ships took part in the operation.

Three of the ship's four engines were re-started, allowing it to reach the port of Molde accompanied by a number of tug vessels.

The MV Viking Sky was originally heading from the northern port of Tromso to the coastal southern city of Stavanger.

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