Boeing and FAA almost done overhauling 737 Max 8 flight control

Published on 25 Mar 2019, 0:10
"보잉, 737맥스8 비행제어 시스템 수정 공식화"

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing... and the Federal Aviation Administration say they're almost done overhauling software and training for the 737 Max 8 jetliner, the model involved in two recent crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.
Both organizations confirmed that on Saturday.
The FAA had demanded the updates be done by April, and it said Saturday that it expects to be able to evaluate the software fix this coming week once it's ready.
Boeing has been criticized for adding a flight control system to the Max 8 without notifying pilots.
That system would nudge the plane's nose downwards in certain situations to keep it from stalling, but having not been told about the system, pilots say they wouldn't know how to respond to dangerous situations.

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