Rival parties clash over Choi's real estate speculation allegations at confirmation hearing

Published on 25 Mar 2019, 12:22
최정호 청문회…野 "부동산 투기" vs 與 "실거주 목적" 공방

Confirmation hearings for seven ministerial candidates kicked off today at the National Assembly.
Choi Jeong-ho, President Moon Jae-in's pick for transport minister was first in the hot seat.
Lawmakers clashed on Choi's morality, particularly over suspicious profit-making deals from owning multiple apartments.
Choi claims that his ownership cannot be seen as an attempt to profit from speculation as he was planning to reside in the properties.
Opposition parties accused him of being dishonest, accusing him of making more than two million U.S. dollars in profits.
Other nominees facing confirmation hearings this week include those picked to head up the ministries of unification, interior, and SMEs.
There's particular interest in unification minister-nominee Kim Yeon-chul.
If appointed, he will be Seoul's new main negotiator with North Korea.
The Presidential Office and the ruling party say they expect all the nominees to be confirmed.

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