Large Soviet-made Venus spacecraft to crash down on Earth

Published on 25 Mar 2019, 14:04
In the middle of the 20th century, the Soviet Union was developing programs devoted to the study of Venus. Researchers wanted to find out whether Venus had the magnetic field, what level of radiation it had, what types of rock dominated its terrain and so on. As part of the Venus exploration program, the USSR had launched more than twenty spacecraft into space. All of them were Venus-series spacecraft, or Venera, as it sounds in Russian.

Unfortunately, none of them had ever reached the planet. For example, Venus-16 became an artificial satellite of the planet, while Venus-8 was stuck in Earth’s orbit due to technical problems in the upper part of the craft. The USSR was concealing all the failures of the program, so the last station that we mentioned was renamed to Cosmos-482.

This spacecraft has been losing speed and altitude lately when moving around Earth. Its orbit will soon become critically low before the spacecraft falls down. The crash may occur in any part of the world, but scientists have been unable to predict the site of its crash yet. Most likely, Venus, or Venera 8 spacecraft will crash into the ocean. The probability for it to fall on populated areas is 1 per 10 thousand.

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