AOC Nails It AGAIN – Trump Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

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Published on 25 Mar 2019, 20:00
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again nailed the problem with the Republican Party, and it isn’t Donald Trump. Trump is merely a symptom of a larger disease, and that disease has spread through every part of the Republican Party. As AOC put it, whether he stays or he gets impeached, that doesn’t do anything to tackle the real problems that we’re facing. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has once again hit the nail directly on the head with her assessment of Donald Trump. And what's brilliant about it is that it's not even necessarily her assessment of Donald Trump. It's her assessment of the entire Republican Party, which is something that we have been saying since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president. It's not that Donald Trump is a horrible human being. He is there. There's no disputing that. It's that what happened with the Republican Party to get to the point where a guy like that is their go to guy.


And that's what she was trying to warn us about. Here's what happened. Um, on Sunday, a actor George Takei tweeted out the following, he said, let's say Trump goes down in disgrace from Mueller or the SD and why, or congressional investigations. We're left with a big question. How did a guy like that get elected? Why do many still support him? We can't just say Fox News or Russians. We have serious issues to shore a, to sort out. And that was a George Takei tweeted that out to which AOC responded with this very long Twitter thread explaining why y two K is right by telling us that yes, Trump is just the symptom, the disease itself, that that presented this symptom that lives within the Republican Party's infrastructure.


Using that word, it's something we hadn't done yet and I'm very mad that we haven't because that's where it is. That's where the disease is. The disease is in the infrastructure. She, she tells us, she says he can stay, he can go. He can be impeached or voted out in 2020 but removing Trump will not remove the infrastructure of an entire party that embraced him. The dark money that funded him, the online radicalization that drum does, army or the racism he amplified and reanimated. In order for us to heal as a nation, we all must pursue the hard work of addressing these root causes. It's not as easy as voting. It means having uncomfortable moments and combos with loved ones, with media, with those we disagree and yes, within our own party too. It's on all of us. Those are powerful words and even more powerful considering the fact that this is a woman who Fox News and right wing media repeatedly attack, repeatedly attacked to the point that now her staff has to go through specialized training because she gets so many threats. But this woman is a hell of a lot smarter,


Than anyone on the right is giving her credit for. In fact, that a lot of those on the left are giving her credit for because Trump is simply a symptom. The disease, the disease itself, a cancer that has grown within the Republican party has reached into Fox News. It's reached into the alternative media on the right. It's reached into the dark money groups. It's reached into the court system. It's reached into Congress and the Senate and the White House. It's all of it. And the biggest problem, at least in my opinion, is the money factor. When you take a look at some of these folks out there today, you got your Ben Shapiro's, you're Charlie Kirk's here, Candace, so and your fly by night or superstar conservatives that make a big splash and then a couple of years later you forget they ever existed. These people are funded by Republican groups. They like to say they're grass roots, but all it takes is about five seconds online to find out that, oh no, you solicited money and got money from coke foundations.

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