Brutal Massacre Signals Growing Security Crisis In Central Mali

Published on 26 Mar 2019, 0:17
In central Mali on Saturday, 134 people were killed in the most brutal assault targeting Fulani people to date. According to CNN, the ethnic minority which has been accused of having ties to jihadist organizations in the area. The UN said armed men, reportedly dressed as hunters, came before dawn and attacked the villagers with guns and machetes. A majority of the victims were women and children, In 2012, a jihadist insurgency spread into the north and center of Mali. Foreign troops and the government have been unable to fully regain control over large regions of the landlocked West African country. Human Rights Watch says that groups affiliated with al Qaeda and ISIS have moved deeper into central Mali, exploiting existing ethnic divisions and sowing chaos. Due to the lack of government security, so-called self-defense units of Dogon or Bambara ethnic groups have sprung up.

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