Had Enough Of Your Home's 'Open Concept'? Here's How To Deal

Published on 25 Apr 2019, 21:07
Once wildly popular, homes with open floor plans sold well because they felt bigger, brighter and airier. Plus, they allowed parents to an eye on the kiddos while making dinner. But now, LifeHacker reports the pendulum is swinging back--and people are craving peace and privacy once more. But since it's unrealistic to expect people to build new walls in their home, homeowners can deal with the situation by adding sound-dampening textiles like rugs and textiles, and erecting screens or bookcases to act as room dividers. Also, other rooms in the house, such as the guest room or the attic, can be repurposed as a den or a playroom. And simply adding a comfortable chair and small table in a bedroom can create an ideal place to make a private phone call!

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