Which 2020 Democratic Candidates Do Voters Think Is The Most Experienced?

Published on 12 Jun 2019, 22:17
Democratic primary voters perceive Joe Biden to be far more experienced than the rest of the 2020 presidential primary field.
That's according to a new INSIDER poll from Business Insider.
The poll tried to capture how every candidate's experience is perceived in a single number.
The poll asked respondents to rank the 2020 candidates they knew of by how experienced they saw the candidate to be.
Using the results of this question, they were able to calculate a "win percentage."
They divided the times a candidate was ranked higher than a rival by the total number of times they were compared to a rival.
Biden won 90% of match-ups.
That means that when he was ranked, he was ranked higher than other ranked candidates 90% of the time.

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