The law on impeachment of the president of Ukraine

Published on 15 Jun 2019, 17:08
1 Russia

The Committee of the Russian Parliament on Defense supported the bill on the suspension of the INF Treaty, and recommended the lower house to pass the bill during the first reading - RIA NEWS reports. Earlier, Vladimir Putin submitted to the Russian parliament a draft on the suspension of the obligations of the INF treaty by Russia. In accordance with the draft law - the president is granted a right to decide on the restoration of the treaty.

2 Japan - Iran

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, will visit Iran from 12th to 14th of June. During the visit, he will hold meetings with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This was announced at a press conference by the Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers - Yoshihide Suga. “During the trip, the meetings with the President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are planned. This is the first visit of the Prime Minister of Japan to Iran for more than 40 years.”- TASS quotes his words. He added that in 2019, it will be 90 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Iran.

3. Ukraine

The speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, Andrei Parubiy, signed a law on the impeachment of the president of Ukraine - RIA NEWS reports. The law implies the creation of a special commission that can deal with the impeachment procedure of the head of state. The Parliament passed this law during the last Thursday. The document will come into force from the day, following the day of its publication in the official mass media.

4 Oman

In the Gulf of Oman, two oil tankers, sailing under the flags of Norway and Panama, were attacked - the Iranian news agency "Press TV" reports. The Western mass media report, while citing their sources, that a torpedo was fired at one of the tankers. The second tanker was hit with a magnetic mine. According to the preliminary information - one of the tankers received serious damage and sank. The authorities of Oman have confirmed the attack only on the Norwegian tanker. They specified that there was an explosion on board. The incident took place in Iranian territorial waters. Iran carried out a rescue operation and saved the crews of both tankers. According to the IRNA - 44 people were rescued.

5 the USA - Poland

After the talks between the leaders of the two countries, Washington and Warsaw agreed to deploy a squadron of American MQ-9 reconnaissance and strike drones on the Polish territory - TASS reports. According to the agreements, the creation of the necessary infrastructure will be paid by Warsaw, without using any funds from Washington. The negotiations between Trump and Duda were held in Washington on Wednesday. After the meeting, Donald Trump announced that an agreement had been reached with Poland on the purchase of a large number of the F-35 fighter-bombers. In addition, Poland will provide the United States with a base, and infrastructure, for the presence of more than 1,000 US troops.
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