Ukraine: "Donbass elections meet global standards" says Italian politician

Published on 2 Nov 2014, 21:25
Video ID: 20141102-036

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SOT, Lucio Malan, Italian politician (in English): "I think it is important whatever is the consideration about the legitimacy of the independence of Donetsk to see how things were going and so it is any way an important event."
C/U [CUTAWAY] of Malan
SOT, Lucio Malan, Italian politician (in English): "Everything I have seen was up to the international standards, people were not influenced in any way of their vote, the procedures were specific, I mean peculiar to this election but fair. And the prevention of double or triple voting appear to be good and up to the international standards."
C/U [CUTAWAY] of Malan


Italian politician Lucio Malan said on Sunday in Donetsk that the Donbass elections are "up to international standards" following his invitation from the DPR to be an acting observer of the voting procedures.

At least 70 unofficial representatives from various political groups have been reported to be observing Sunday's vote in both the Donetsk and Lugansk self proclaimed regions.

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