Ukraine: Commission members disappear, protesters occupy regional building

Published on 28 Oct 2014, 3:52
Video ID: 20141028-003

M/S Official speaking to protesters

W/S Voting board

W/S Protesters

W/S Protesters

W/S Protesters

W/S Protesters sitting

M/S Protesters

SOT, Perlov Roman, member of Time of Initiative (Russian): "After some time, session was adjourned, everything was relaxed. And then we lost 10 members of the commission."

M/S Empty seat

SOT, Perlov Roman, member of Time of Initiative (Russian): "I think such things were advantageous for one of the candidates, when it turned out that he was losing. We waited for a provocation and were ready for them. The public rose up and riots stopped. Thanks to the public and to the media."

M/S Man at desk

M/S Police officers


Dozens of locals protested in Odessa's Belyaevka after the head, deputy, secretary and several other members of the regional electoral commission disappeared on Monday, leaving the commission unable to make decisions for the legislative elections.

If found, the missing members of the electoral commission could face three to seven years in prison.

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