Ukraine: Ruptly journalist hides from artillery barrage in Slavyansk

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Published on 14 Jun 2014, 22:46
Video ID: 20140614-078

M/S Journalists running
M/S Journalists waiting in basement
W/S Journalists waiting in basement
M/S Journalists waiting in basement
M/S Destruction in hospital
C/U Glass from broken window
M/S Broken window
M/S People's militia guarding entrance to hospital
C/U Hospital sign
SOT People's militia member (in Russian): "Honestly, I don't know what it was because mortar shelling doesn't look like this. And I doubt that could bring down the concrete and steel."
W/S Maternity hospital of Slavyansk
M/S Broken windows at maternity hospital


About 10 journalists including a Ruptly stringer came under artillery fire while visiting a shelled maternity hospital in Slavyansk on Saturday.

The journalists were forced to hide in the hospital's basement for about 20 minutes before coming out, but the firing started again once they attempted to leave the building.

Patients were evacuated from the hospital about a week ago.

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