USA: Bikers vow to ensure veterans can honour dead comrades

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Published on 5 Oct 2013, 18:58
Over 100 bikers showed up at the memorial to US soldiers killed in World War Two in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, in support of a number of veterans from the Honor Flight programme that will be coming to the memorial throughout the day.

According to Eric Zern, the organiser of the bikers ride, they heard on Wednesday that the government may bar the veterans from visiting the memorial, which is located on the National Mall, a federally-run national park location.

"Washington, you are sitting on a time bomb because this country is about to go off!" said Mr. Zern. "Because America is already pissed off, and now this maneuver does nothing but make us angrier that we can not access our memorials, our monuments, our national parks."
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