U.S. Lawmakers Accuse Chinese of Hacking

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Published on 12 Jun 2008, 2:01
PlusU.S. Lawmakers Accuse Chinese of HackingU.S. Lawmakers Accuse Chinese of HackingThe Associated PressTwo U.S. Congressmen's office computers have been hacked by people working out of China, the lawmakers said Wednesday, and similar incidents, also tied to China have taken place elsewhere on Capitol Hill.(June 11)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:VO -- FILE OF GUTTIEREZ AND CHINESE]U.S. AUTHORITIES ARE ALREADY INVESTIGATING WHETHER CHINESE OFFICIALS SECRETLY COPIED THE CONTENTS OF A GOVERNMENT LAPTOP ISSUED TO COMMERCE SECRETARY CARLOS GUITIEREZ -- AND LATER TRIED TO HACK COMMERCE DEPARTMENT COMPUTERS.NOW -- TWO U..S. LAWMAKERS -- CONGRESSMAN FRANK WOLF AND CONGRESSMAN CHRIS SMITH -- BOTH LONGTIME CRITICS OF BEIJING'S HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD -- SAY THEIR OFFICE COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN HACKED BY PEOPLE WORKING OUT OF CHINA. [Notes:SOT --FRANK WOLF/R - VA] on these computers was information about all the case work I've done on behalf of political dissidents and human rights activists around the world.That kind of information plus emails memos, correspondence was open to outside eyes. [Notes:VO--SHOT OF CHRIS SMITH]WOLF SAYS HIS COMPUTERS WERE HACKED STARTING IN AUGUST 2006.SMITH SAYS TWO COMPUTERS IN HIS HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE OFFICE WERE COMPROMISED IN DECEMBER 2006 AND MARCH 2007. [Notes:SOT --CHRIS SMITH/R- NJ] We asked the people in the House when the virus was put in...they said it was intended to take control of the computers...when they cleaned the computers...they informed us the attacks seemed to come from the people's republic of china. [Notes:VO --]IN BEIJING -- THE CHINESE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS HAD NO IMMEDIATE COMMENT ON THE DISCLOSURES BY THE TWO CONGRESSMAN.LAST WEEK, BEIJING DENIED THE ANY WRONGDOING REGARDING SECRETARY GUITIERREZAND THE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT'S COMPUTERS. THE FBI AND THE WHITE HOUSE ARE ALSO DECLINING TO COMMENT.AS FOR WOLF --- HE WANTS ACTION ON CAPITOL HILL.HE'S CALLING FOR HEARINGS.HE ALSO WANTS LAWMAKERS TO BE BRIEFED ON WAYS TO PROTECT OFFICIAL RECORDS FROM ELECTRONIC SECURITY BREACHES.___ ___, The Associated Press.
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