Belgian film 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' wins Lux Prize

Published on 13 Dec 2013, 18:34
'The Broken Circle Breakdown' a Belgian film about love and passion has won the 2013 Lux Prize....

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'The Broken Circle Breakdown' a Belgian film about love and passion has won the 2013 Lux Prize.

The film, by Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen, explores the love and lives of bluegrass musician Didier and tattoo artist and singer Elisa. The couple's happiness seems complete but when their daughter falls seriously sick it puts their relationship to the test.

Since 2007 the Lux Film Prize has been awarded each year to a film that promotes European values and encourages debate.

Director Van Groeningen spoke about the award: "I think the Lux Prize is a great initiative. It makes you actually watch these films and vote for them, those are films that you would not see otherwise, so in a way it is educating you."

This year it was European Parliament President Martin Schulz who announced the winner at the plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday December 11th.

During the presentation Martin Schulz, said: "These three films, in a very moving way, tell everyday life stories. European films help to create a cultural consciousness for Europe. Film makers do not need us, European politicians, but we politicians need you, the film-makers. Stories and emotions can help to develop identity. European films boost a feeling of togetherness in Europe."

The shortlist of finalists also included the English film "Selfish Giant", directed by Clio Bernard and "Miele", an Italian-French film by Valeria Golino.

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