Thousands gather in Qatif to condemn terrorist attack on Shia Muslims

Published on 23 May 2015, 23:30
Thousands of mourners are gathering in Saudi Arabia’s city of Qatif in a mass demonstration against a terror attack that killed Shia Muslims on Friday.
Activists in the eastern city say over five-thousand people have already gathered in Qatif. The protesters have denounced the sectarian policies of the Saudi media and government as well as the rhetoric by some Saudi clerics who promote Wahabbist ideology. They say sectarian language used by Saudi figures have fuelled hatred against Shia Muslims. On Friday, 21 Shia worshippers lost their lives and scores of others were injured in a terrorist attack on Imam Ali mosque, in the village of Qadih, in Qatif region. ISIL has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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