Exclusive: Press TV's correspondent shows ISIL explosives gained by Iraqi forces near Tikrit

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Published on 10 Mar 2015, 23:48
Iraqi government troops, backed by Shia and Sunni volunteer forces, are pressing ahead with their battle against ISIL terrorists, as they close in on the strategic city of Tikrit. The joint forces have already launched an offensive at the eastern side of Tikrit. They're preparing to launch more attacks from other fronts in an effort to surround the city that's the capital of Salahuddin province. The Iraqi army and volunteer forces have cleared a number of areas from ISIL terrorists on their way to liberate Tikrit. One of those areas is the town of Al-Alam. Tikrit fell into the hands of ISIL in summer. The military campaign to take it back began last Monday. The liberation of the city will pave the way for recapturing Mosul, ISIL's main stronghold in Iraq

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