'Bahrainis confronting tribal, brutal regime'

Published on 21 Apr 2013, 16:22
A political analyst tells Press TV that the Bahraini people will continue their struggle and they will teach the tribal and brutal Al Khalifa regime that they are unstoppable. The comments came after Bahraini security forces clashed with anti-regime protesters, hours ahead of the controversial Formula One Grand Prix auto race. The violence erupted on Sunday when police attacked protesters blocking roads in the capital, Manama, in protest against the Formula One race. Formula One is Bahrain's premier international event. Bahrain pays an estimated $40 million a year to host the race. It was cancelled in 2011 as a result of mass anti-regime demonstrations, but in 2012 it went ahead despite protests.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohsen Saleh, professor at the Lebanese University, to further discuss the issue.

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