Google Tells EU Online Books Democratic

Published on 10 Sep 2009, 12:54
Google is facing opposition over its plans to digitize works by EU authors, publishers and internet access groups. Microsoft is one on the long list who fear the internet giant will infringe on their copyrights.

Google, the Internet search group, is defending its plan to scan and publish millions of books online. They said, at a European Commission hearing, it made access to information on the Web more democratic.Dan Clancy, architect of the Google program, defended the project on Monday at a crowded hearing by the European Commission.ICOMP, a lobby group sponsored by U.S. software giant Microsoft, says Google's plans would concentrate too much power in its hands.   Earlier this year, the EU said it would study the Google deal after Germany complained that the company had scanned books from U.S. libraries without consent from the authors. Germany lodged a complaint about this to the U.S. courts last MondayPeople in the publishing industry and others will be giving their opinions at the Commission's public hearing. [Jessica Sanger, Boersenverin-German Authors and Publishers Association]: "Publishers are worried that Google is being rewarded for breaking the law in the first place."Boersenverin thinks Google will exploit the monopoly they'll gain.[Jessica Sanger, Boersenverin-German Authors and Publishers Association]: "One of those rewards that we are particularly concerned about is that Google is essentially gaining a de facto monopoly on the exploitation of orphaned and other unclaimed works."Then there's the issue of photographic rights.[Sylvie Fodor, European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage]:"The settlement excludes photographic rights and this is where we have a problem." Last week Google Books Partnership Director Santiago de la Mora said Google was a benefit for publishers, authors and users. [Santiago de la Mora, Google Books Partnership Director]: "There is definitely a 'win win win' type of proposition: win for the authors and publishers who are able to showcase their content. Win for us because we are satisfying our users and of course, from the user point of view, much more access to the world's information and our universal heritage."NTD will continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the hearing outcomes.
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