China’s Singles Day: Celebrate NOT having a partner

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Published on 11 Nov 2014, 5:32
While Valentine’s Day celebrates finding love and having a partner, China has its own answer to that: celebrating ‘not’ having a partner. And frankly, that’s pretty cool.

The origins of “Singles Day” are unclear, but it seems to have been started in the 1990s by a bunch of students. With the idea that singles should get their own day, they chose November 11 because the date “11.11” represents four singles.

Originally, it was celebrated by friends who would enjoy a day out and exchange gifts, but the popularity of the day soon saw it transformed into a shopping bonanza. Today, it is the biggest shopping event the world has ever seen.

But for those not in China, or anyone that would simply prefer to avoid the nightmarish crowds at the malls, we have a bunch of other fun ideas, because unattached people deserve to have some fun, too.

What to do on Singles Day (that’s not shopping)

The main idea is to use the theme ‘number 11’ to come up with activities. Here are some goodies:
1. Eat deep fried dough sticks, since they look like 11

Your Singles Day snack should be ‘you tiao’, or Chinese deep fried dough sticks. Apart from being tasty indeed, put two of them together and they look like 11. Well, that’s reason enough for us.

2. Go to KTV and let loose singles’ ballads
What better way to celebrate being single then, downing a few cold ones (or lukewarm in China) and singing like a champion. Song choices for Singles Day include Chinese favorites ‘A Song for Singles’ by Terry Lin and ‘Happy Break-up’ by Fish Leong. For English singers: ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce (cliché, but necessary), and ‘I'm Free ‘ by the Rolling Stones. Sing them with passion, single friends.

3. Take bus No.11 and get off at the 11th stop
Grab a bunch of friends and get on the nearest No.11 bus. If there is no bus with that number, find the nearest with the number 1, but make sure you get off at the 11th stop. Wherever you are, that is where you and your friends will celebrate Singles Day.

4. Chow down on noodles

The traditional Singles Day meal–noodles. Each noodle represents one single unattached person, happily floating around with a bunch of other single beings. Eat with friends in solidarity of your fantastic singledom.

5. Go to the movies with a bunch of friends–sit alone

Couple-fun on Singles Day is not allowed, and that includes in the privacy of a cinema. Go to the movies with a group of friends, and have everyone sit alone. That will force all the couples to sit apart, too. It’s mean, but so is having couple-fun on Singles Day.

6. Eat green tea ice-cream in front of the TV

Pretend that it’s what you wants to do anyway, and in any case, why shouldn't you be happy there, eating alone. At least you get to choose what you watch. Just kidding, that’s for people who are sad about being single. Go out and have fun.

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