Warm temps but dusty and dry conditions continue 이어지는 먼지 끼고 건조한 날씨

Published on 17 Mar 2015, 1:57
It′s shaping up to be another warm day today, high in Seoul will get up 16 degrees, and southern regions will have even warmer daytime highs reaching above 20 degrees. But the air shouldn′t be as clean as yesterday in fact a lot dustier.
Most parts have high levels of ultrafine particles and especially Seoul has reached unhealthy level..so have an protective mask before heading out so be sure to drink lots of water.
As for today′s readings...
While the high in Seoul will climb to 16 and the top temperatures in Daegu and Gwangju will rise to 23 and Busan will hike up to 19 this afternoon.
Jeju Island and Daejeon will see a high of 18 and 20 Dokdo will top out at 17.
We′ll have much needed nationwide rain.. hopefully it washes away all the dust and relieve the dryness in the air but while the southern provinces receive a good amount of rain it will just be a light precipitation of 5 to 10 millimeters...for the capital area.
That′s all for the weather, have a wonderful day.
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