N. Korea′s defense commission threatens U.S. over blame for Sony hack attack 테

Published on 22 Dec 2014, 4:54
With the United States officially pointing the finger at North Korea for the cyber attack,... the North remains defiant.
Pyongyang denies responsibility and threatens retaliation against the U.S..... should they be blamed for something... they say... someone else did.
Shin Se-min reports.
North Korea isn′t just denying a hand in the cyber attack on Sony Picturesthey are threatening to retaliate for the mere suggestion that they were involved.
In a statement posted Sunday,... Pyongyang′s National Defense Commission said it "fully stands in confrontation with Washington in all war spaces including the one on the web."
The statement even threatens to "blow up" the White House, the Pentagon and all of the U.S. mainland if President Barack Obama retaliates over the last month′s Sony cyber hack.
As for who was responsible for carrying out the attack on Sony, which set off a series of events that led to the theatrical release of "The Interview" being canceled, the North Korean regime said they had "clear evidence" that the Obama administration was involved in making the film.
They also stressed again that the hackers worked on their own.
The statement says they don′t know who or where the hackers are,... but praised their attack as a righteous action, and that they are supporters and sympathizers of the North.
South Korea didn′t escape blame in the statement.
The regime said it had never carried out a single hacking attack, and that all cyber attack-related incidents were orchestrated by Seoul.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.
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