Egypt calls for new ceasefire as Israel and Hamas trade fire 가자지구 건물파괴, 사망자수 증

Published on 24 Aug 2014, 14:07
Egypt calls for new talks and a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians, as both sides continue to exchange fire.
An Israeli air strike toppled a building... more than12-story-high in Gaza on Saturday.
The Israeli military said it was targeting a Hamas operations room in the building.
According to Gaza police, a warning missile was fired and some residents evacuated in time, but 22 people were wounded in the attack.
Meanwhile, Hamas fired more than 100 rockets and mortar shells into Israel, forcing Israelis to flee border areas.
The latest spate of violence follows the collapse last week of a previous ceasefire brokered by Egypt.
More than 2-thousand Palestiniansmost of them civiliansand over 65 Israelismost of them soldiershave been killed in recent weeks.
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