Korean government to ease down restrictions on power consumption

Published on 27 Jun 2014, 2:03
The government plans to lift certain restrictions on electricity usage this summer as it does not expect there to be any serious power shortages.
Public and government offices, however, will remain subject to the restrictions.
The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said on Thursday that the country's peak power demand during the summer is estimated to reach 79 million kilowatts.
The country's maximum generation capacity is 84-point-5 million kilowatts up compared to 77 million kilowatts from last year, when a number of nuclear reactors were shut down when they were found to contain parts supplied with fake safety certificates.
Government and public offices are required to maintain room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius or above as in previous years, but will be given greater discretion.
Commercial buildings had been required to keep their temperatures at 26 degrees Celsius in previous years will only be advised to do so.
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